Thursday, 26 November 2009

Printers, christmas and parties

For people who were unable to make it had a lively and interesting round table discussion as usual, followed by a short presentation from Nicky from Macclesfield-based digital print and promotions company P81 - if you require anything from flyers to letterheads, pull up banners to business cards it's certainly worth giving them a acall on 08448 246246. Alernatively you can check out their range and prices via
Next meeting
We'll be at Caffe Latte next week and are delighted to welcome Naomi Timperley from Baby Loves Disco as our guest speaker. She'll elaborate on how she's built up her business to its current level of success and talk us through her Dragon's Den experience. A talk not to be missed!
Happy Mondays Christmas Party
If, like us, you don't have much of a social life these days why not join us at our version of a Christmas office party? We'd love you to join us for the Happy Mondays Christmas Party at Fina Bar & Grill on Monday 14 December at 7.30pm. The set menu is £20.95 per head and can be found More to the point, if you can persuade someone at home to pick you up, we can have a sneaky glass of something fizzy to help numb the pain of the impending festive season!
We need to get back to Mandy with numbers by the end of the week so, if you'd like to attend, please confirm back by return.
Finally, if you can get to Macclesfield this Sunday Fina will be holding a special family fun day with Santa Claus to raise money for Medquip4Kids from midday to 3pm. Families are invited to come along to support the well deserving charity on this special day out for children and adults alike with entertainment, a scrumptious Italian buffet, goody bag from Macclesfield Town Football Club and a trip to see the man who makes the magic happen for all children in attendance.

Tickets cost £15 per adult and £10 per child at can be purchase from Fina Bar and Grill. Call
  01625 618 744 or email to reserve your tickets or for more information.
Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Google analytics and our mumpreneurs

Hi Ladies, thanks for another productive and enjoyable meeting and congratulations to a couple of our members:
  • Firstly to Tracy from Elianna who, last Friday, fulfilled her long-held ambition of qualifying as a Dale Carnegie trainer. We look forward to hearing how it goes and hopefully being able to get a taster of the underlying principles at a workshop next year.
  • Secondly to Naomi from Cook Clever who has secured a two-year contract with Manchester Metropolitan university which she will combine with running her cookery classes - busy girl!
Michelle Kay from Your Webstar then took us through the fundamentals of Google Analytics and how we can use the tool to help us engage users on our websites and measure how effective pages are at doing what we want them to do. I don't propose to go through all the points Michelle made but some of the key points were:

  • Google Analytics (GA) is FREE to download and basically involes installing tracking code of every page of your website you want to analyse. You then receive regular reports which provide stats on how many people you are attracting to your site but, more importantly, how people are getting to and leaving it, how long they're staying on it and whether they're actually doing what you want them to do e.g. registering for a newsletter. This is relatively easy to do yourself, particularly if you have a content management system, or you can ask your web designer to do it for you. Michelle advised that if you're having a site built from scratch a good designer should built this in as a matter of course. If you have an existing site a rough estimate of price to install GA would be around £25 for a basic site.
  • GA makes it easy to see which pages are working on your site and, as such, whether you need to change your marketing strategy, your website content or key words.
  • You can set up goals on GA e.g. a set number of people per months to register for more information and then monitor your site's performance against these.
  • You can identify words that are generating traffic to your site and then amend your content acordingly.
  • By looking at the time people stay on certain pages or whether they exit your site from certain pages, you can use this data to determine which pages users are finding the most interesting and which ones are 'turning them off.'
  • Getting your content right is key in terms of attracting and retaining users on key pages. This isn't rocket science but your content does need to be engaging and say what you need it to say otherwise your site simply won't work for you. To illustrate this point Eileen Coldrick from Virtual PA Services has kindly allowed us to see the 'before' and 'after' versions of  a couple of her website pages. Since Michelle helped her to re-write her content she's already seen a significant increase in traffic, even though the site isn't due to be finalised until later this week.
If any of you have any further questions regarding Google Analytics please contact Michelle direct.

Next weeks meeting

We're at Fina next week and our guest speaker will be Nicky Bates from P81 promotions and print

Thursday, 5 November 2009

HM review and way forward

At our meeting on Monday we discussed what was best for HM and we decided the following:
  • Meetings every 2 weeks from the New Year onwards
  • More speakers  - I am organising the following speakers over the next few weeks and into the New year
    • Accoutant
    • Marketing specialists - Williams and Crosby
    • Twitter experts
    • Blogging experts
    • Google analytics
    • A talk from a Naomi from baby Loves Disco on Dragons Den and how she developed her business
Please tell me if you have any other ideas for speakers.
    • Only one mail per week sent to members
    • More speaker events
    Hope to see you all next week to hear Naomi from Cook Clever discuss twitter.