Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday 24th May - Dean Mottershead - Estate Planning Solutions

Dean Mottershead joined us this morning and provided a very informative session on why we need to plan ahead for ourselves and our famillies, particularly if we have independent businesses.

Dean made everyone feel relaxed and then told us in "jargon free talk" how we could make sure that the tax man and care home do not strip our parents of assets that we should get when they pass away. He also explained about tenants in common and how important this was to get it right. 

Estate Planning Solutions is a specialist Will writing and estate planning company. They
specialise in helping you to plan now in order to protect and preserve your hard earned
wealth for your loved ones.

Their aim is to provide you with a service which is professional, ethical, and competent in a friendly, straightforward manner avoiding unnecessary legal jargon and their initial
consultation is always without obligation.

Everyone knows that they should have a Will in order to avoid the problems and cost
associated with intestacy. Many put it off and leave it to a “later date”. By making a
Will now you can ensure that your affairs are in order.

Each year some 70,000 people lose their homes (and other capital assets) to pay for care
home fees. By taking the correct steps now they can help you to plan to legitimately
protect your assets and preserve them for your loved ones – but you need to act now
before it is too late and to make sure your parents or relatives have taken the appropriate steps. Do you really want the taxman or local authority to be a beneficiary when your parents pass away.Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax. If you don’t want to pay it you don’t have to but you do need to start planning now and Dean can help you do this in a very cost effective and relaxed way.

Plan, Protect, know it makes sense

When making a Will you should also consider the effect that a loss of capacity,
whether due to illness, accident or old age, would have. If you want to appoint people of
your choosing and want to avoid substantial unnecessary cost and delay should you lose
capacity then you should make a Lasting Power of Attorney now. The Mental Capacity
Act of 2005 resulted in the new improved LPA with additional safeguards to protect you.

Anyone with an estate over £5,000 needs to go through the process of applying for
probate. If you don’t have a Will the process becomes far more difficult and expensive at
a time when it is the last problem the family want to have to deal with.

Estate Planning Solutions offer a caring, comprehensive and professional probate service, at a fixed cost and for considerably less than your local solicitor or bank (usually between 3 and 5% plus disbursements plus VAT). Their fees are fixed (i.e. not based on open ended time costs) and range from 1 to 1.5%, depending on the complexity of the estate.
Their initial probate consultation is also without obligation.

They will visit you at a time and place that is convenient to you and unlike many other Will writing companies we will usually visit you a second time to ensure that you understand the Wills and associated estate planning documentation, that your Will accurately reflects your wishes, and that the signing and witnessing of your Wills and associated documentation are carried out properly, thus avoiding potential future problems.

They are full members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers and carry full
Professional Indemnity Insurance of £2M and undertake regular continuing professional
development to keep up-to-date and comply fully with a strict Code of Practice.

For more information or to make an appointment with Dean call him FREE on 0800 781 6658 Mob: 07909 966 601 or mail

Happy Mondays Networking recommend Dean Mottershead and Estate Planning Solutions to all our ladies and their famillies.

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