Tuesday, 21 September 2010

FREE Business Support - For Women in Cheshire

Action Support Team - Group Event
When: Monday 4th October 2010 at 9.30am
Where: Fina Bar and Grill, Macclesfield.
Why: A group event to help you solve a problem, resolve an issue or develop an opportunity.

Running your own business is great but it can feel isolated at times. Working through problems, developing ideas, being creative & making decisions is hard work on your own. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a small group of independently minded people who could provide just this type of support and challenge?

The good news is you can – come along on Monday 4th October & Monday 1st November to Fina in Macclesfield at 9:30am. These sessions will be very interactive. In small “Action Support Teams” you will work together focusing on each individual topic in succession.

These sessions will be facilitated by Jane Stephens a local Freelance Business Improvement Partner. Bring along a problem, issue or opportunity that you would like to work through - see you on the 4th October.

If you would like to call or email us to find out more about us give me a ring.
Michelle 07784 128016 or Email: michelle@happymondaysnetworking.co.uk

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